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Same-Day Relines and Denture Repairs in Nanaimo and Chemainus

If you are experiencing problems with your dentures while you eat or have sore spots on your gums, it may be time for a soft reline. Dentures are susceptible to damage as the supporting tissue tends to shrink with time. This makes the dentures come loose in your mouth. Regular denture relines can minimize adverse changes in the supporting tissue. In case of extensive damage or worn out denture teeth, replacement of your appliances is strongly recommended. Denture repairs mainly refer to the process of adding more base material to the tissue surface of your prosthetic and can usually be done in a single visit. Contact us for quality denture repairs in Nanaimo or Chemainus.

Denture Repairs

If you are wearing a partial denture but have lost more teeth, we restore your denture on the same day. Be it a cracked or broken denture, or lost tooth, we will take care of you in a timely fashion so you can carry on with your day.

Digital Filing of a New Denture with Back-up Milling

We use 3D scanning technology to keep a digital file of your complete dentures. This is useful if you want a back-up set or lose them. Our back-up dentures are affordable and are handy to have while going on vacation. We can have another set milled for you in a few days.

Durable Soft Liners

The addition of soft liners imparts comfort and cushioning against the ridge of the jaw. It is usually added to the tissue side of the lower denture. Contact us to discuss if this is a recommended option for you.


For further information, set up an appointment with us. Call Nanaimo Denture Clinic Inc at 250-933-3368 or Cowichan Valley Denture Centre at 250-246-1021.

Do Not Ignore Your Damaged Dentures

Are your dentures not fitting anymore? Have them repaired on the same day.

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