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Personalized Precision Dentures in Nanaimo and Chemainus

At our clinics, our highly experienced professionals use precise measurements of your temporal mandibular joint as well as the oral cavity to create an appliance that perfectly matches your requirements. Taking into account each unique contour of your mouth, the personalized appliance will last for years while ensuring a comfortable fit. In addition, our precisely designed appliances are comfortable and can last for a long time without significant deterioration due to the hardness of higher quality teeth. Contact our clinics for healthy, appealing, and natural-looking precision dentures in Nanaimo and Chemainus.

Why Opt for Our Precision Dentures?

Besides from pure aesthetics, a personalized precision denture can also make eating enjoyable again by closely emulating the movements of your mouth. This leads to being a more efficient breakdown of food, less strain on your mouth, and ultimately better digestion and better health. Our precision personalized dentures are made by using the latest technology that mimics the unique contour of your mouth, tooth selection, and overall appearance. You can pick out a size and colour as per your preferences. We then record your facial contours and jaw movements on a full adjustment device. This makes our appliances more stable when you speak and eat.

Partial Removable Dentures

Missing or damaged teeth can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. With spaces between your teeth, your natural teeth will start to shift and rotate in the spaces, and cause periodontal deterioration. You can combat the problem of teeth loss with a removable partial denture that not only fills the gap but also retains the remaining teeth in their position. The procedure is simple – your denturist will replace the missing teeth and may have clasps (made of metal or resin material) that cover around healthy `support` teeth. At our clinics, we have several options and materials to choose from. Let us be your guide. Contact Nanaimo Denture Clinic Inc at 250-933-3368 or Cowichan Valley Denture Centre at 250-246-1021.

Get Back Your Confidence

We offer dentures that adapt perfectly to the everyday wear and tear of your day.

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