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Rely on Our Trusted Denturists for Affordable Solutions

Highly Recommend Ahmed

“I'm 87 years old. I lost my upper teeth when I was 19 and most of my lower teeth in my 40's. I know the problems you can have with dentures. Two years ago I had Ahmed Omar of the Nanaimo Denture Clinic take upper and lower impressions and make a set of dentures that he installed on top of the stitches immediately after the extractions. The dentures stayed in place till the gums healed. The upper denture was a perfect fit from day one and the lower was adjusted several times as the bone subsided after the surgery. Then a soft reline was done to achieve a perfect fit so that it stays in place without any additional anchoring. The whole process involved only minor discomfort from time to time as my jaw recovered. I highly recommend Ahmed as his procedure was far easier to undergo than my previous denture experiences. Thanks Ahmed.”

- Ken Hall.

Amazing Clinician

“Ahmad is informative, knowledgeable and an amazing clinician. Would recommend anyone to go to him.”

- Moe K.

Highly Recommend

“Ahmed came to our rescue when my husband had some issues requiring him to need an upper denture and a partial on the lower. Ahmed saw him that day and has been there for us ever since. He works tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied. We highly recommend Ahmed and all the staff at Eagle Point Dental.”

- Jane A.

Extremely Professional

“Who does this anymore?! Ahmed A. Omar that's who! My husband was taken to the hospital before he could get his plate adjusted, and there was no opportunity in sight for him to get back to the dentist. Ahmed was recommended by another denturist in Duncan as doing hospital visits. He came up to the ward, set up his tools of the trade and went to work adjusting my husband's plate. We are so grateful for his service! He was professional, thorough and added some much needed humour to the room! Thank you so much!”

- Marilyn L.

Exceptional Service

“Exceptional service, great hours.”

- Taher M.

A Comfortable Experience

“Dr.Ahmed Omar and his office staff have been wonderful throughout this whole process, sometimes acting as peer support as much as dental care providers. Right from the begin, they took the time to explain all the options, financial expectations, and all the health/dental issues involved with a process like this. Dr. Ahmed has taken the time to be transparent and realistic through every step creating a comfortable experience. He uses his humour to create that positive Doctor-patient rapport required to produce the best possible outcome. This has been one of the most important parts of my healing journey with many anxieties which have be lowered due to the care Nanaimo Denture Clinic has given. Thank you everyone at Nanaimo Denture Clinic.”

- Contessa A.

Excellent Job

“Dr. Ahmed Omar did an excellent job of making a new denture for me. I highly recommend him.”

- Tammy N.

Beautiful Dentures

“If you are looking for professional service and beautiful dentures, you will be very pleased with the results. Ahmed Omar loves what he does and always puts the clients' needs first.”

- Soha S.

Quality Work

“Doctor Omar is absolutely amazing. Thank you for fixing my dentures. I really appreciate your quality work.”

- Tanya M.A

Kind and Caring

“I can't say enough good things about how Ahmed treated my 93-year-old father who is in a residential care facility when he did impressions and fitted his dentures. A very kind and caring man.”

- Daryl G.

6 Stars

“Ahmed is one of a kind, I can't recommend him high enough. 6 stars”

- Dennis E.

Affordable Services

“Ahmed was absolutely amazing in every way, he was professional, friendly and put my anxiety at ease in a way I have only experienced under sedation in a dentist chair! When I met Ahmed it had been years since I had smiled with my mouth open, and guess what yesterday for the first time in over 3 years I got that back! Words cannot express my gratitude because my smile and sense of humour are worth everything to me as a photographer! I am so used to hiding my teeth by closing my mouth it will take some getting used to! I should also mention that getting implants for me was not affordable and likely never would be, the teeth he gave me back fit perfectly and I feel like me again! Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a partial or dentures, his skill is amazing, I am thrilled with what he did for me!”

- Amanda S.

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