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Denture Repair Services in Nanaimo

As your denturist in Nanaimo, you can rely on Nanaimo Denture Clinic Inc for quality denture repairs. Our professional, friendly staff is ready and waiting to help you every step along the way to a brighter, healthier smile. Our primary goal is to create that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. We’re more than happy to put our years of experience to work for you. Visit us for personalized dentures and denture repairs in Nanaimo.


We are proud to offer a range of services, including precision and standard dentures that not only precisely align with your needs but also won’t break the bank.


At our clinic, we will work with you to find a dental solution that is both affordable and complete. We understand that you live a busy life. This is why we provide same-day services to help take care of your daily responsibilities with ease. No referrals are necessary at our clinic as we always welcome walk-ins!

implant denture

Implant-Retained Dentures

Eat and smile with comfort. Opt for dentures that are secured by implants.

immediate denture

Immediate Dentures

We offer same-day immediate dentures as well as standard quality dentures based on your needs.

free consultation

Free Consultation

We work with you to select the dentures that are of the right size, shape and colour for you.


High-End Dentures Crafted for You

Get comfortable, long-lasting dentures, opt for personalized precision dentures.

standard denture

Standard Dentures That Fit Well

Create a set of radiant and healthy teeth with our standard dentures.

surgical denture

Surgical Dentures

Restore your smile immediately with our surgical/immediate dentures.

Why Choose Us?

Our renowned denturist, Ahmed A. Omar, has helped many patients to eat, speak, and live comfortably without having to worry about their dentures. When you visit us, you can rest assured that Ahmed A. Omar and his staff will take the time to evaluate your condition and recommend the ideal solution for you. Whether you need partial dentures or full dentures, consult us to make the best decision for your oral care. Our experienced professionals are proud to provide a suite of expert services, including:


Precise, personalized dentures
Dentures on implants
Standard, quality dentures
Partial dentures
Same-day repair services, including relines and rebases

You don't have to put up with the embarrassment or discomfort of missing teeth. Call us, or contact us online for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Professional Affiliations

Denturist Association British Columbia
College of denturist Od British Columbia

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Our Location

Come, visit us to benefit from our wide range of services.

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